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Summary of Question:Goats??
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/27/1999 3:23 AM MDT

Vaheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Vaheguru Ji Ki Fateh

I was reading on a popular sikhism site about an event in Sikh history. The site mentions that Guru Gobind Singh did not cut the heads of the 5 beloved ones in the tent, instead, he slaughtered 5 goats. I am very confused about this. It just sounds ridiculous. 5 goats? Did the author dream this up?

What does Sri Singh Sahib or any other spiritual people have to say about this?
If the information is inaccurate on this site (which seems so likely), then it makes me feel that other things which i have learnt from this page may also be wrong. I would greatly appreciate if somebody could clear this confusion and provide me with the truth.

a Singh

>> What does Sri Singh Sahib or any other spiritual people have to say about this?

He has said quite clearly that Guru Gobind Singh Ji cut off the heads of the punj pyares and then replaced their heads and healed them. As with Baba Deep Singh Ji, advanced spiritual development brings mastery of energies and powers unknown to those who have not experienced them themselves. The siddhis mentioned in Siri Guru Granth Sahib include the power over death. The goat story was invented by someone who could not understand and accept the truth.


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