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Summary of Question:Response To Gursant Singh's Article, Sikhnet - A Mouthpiece Of 3Ho
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/17/2011 6:07 PM MDT


1. Every morning, Sikhnet brings me the 'HUKAMNAMA' (the divine order from my GURU)

2. My work demands that i have to reach office quite early and b'cos of that it becomes difficult for me to complete the Nitnem. The portion that i miss out i complete in office whenever i have a spare half an hour (thanks to Sikhnet)

3. There are Sakhis about the lives of Gur Sahibans which i never knew existed before i read them on Sikhet.

4. I feel connected to my entire community globally thanks to Sikhnet.
Any issue connected to the world peace (whether or not related directly to our community) makes it to the Sikhnet news.

4. There are audio visual Sakhis for our kids to understand 'GURBANI' & the lives of our 'GURUS' better

5. I can download 'GURBANI KEERTAN, PAATH, WALLPAPERS, SAKHIS all from that 1 site. For me it is a 1 stop shop.

6. Sikhnet gives me an understanding as to how Sikhs globally are helping people in need - in floods, in famines, in storms and that in turn motivates me to do something goood for humanity.

7. Sikhnet is the first web page i like to see on my laptop every single morning. It gives me a wonderful feeling of being connected to my 'GURU' & my 'PANTH' online.

8. The Audios & Videos and other lectures from Gurmustuk Singh Khalsa & Guruka Singh and other intellectuals help me understand not only 'GURBANI' better but also things like, the essence of 'SATKIRAT' & 'SEWAA'

9. I have never read an article on Sikhnet which encourages me 'as a general Sikh' to start practicing Yoga, they always say it's your individual choice on how you want to connect to your 'GURU'.

10. Read this article, it's encouraging me to organize a langar. WOW, rarely has anyone ever encouraged me to organize a langar (community kitchen)

11. Thousands of questions are regularly answered for the SIKH youth in confusion & dilema about their faith, relationships and their lives as Sikhs in general.

So, if preaching & practicing 'GURBANI'& helping others to understand Sikhism better & to help people do 'SEWAA' more efficiently and effectively is what you mean by 'Yogii Bhajan's cult i don't thing there's anything wrong.

Moreover Gursant, i think we neeed more websites like, when do you plan to start 1.

simranjit harbans singh

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Response To Gursant Singh's Article, Sikhnet - A Mouthpiece Of 3Ho (03/17/2011)
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