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Summary of Question:Re: What Is The Importance Of Yoga In Sikh Dharma?
Date Posted:Friday, 7/14/2000 11:53 PM MDT
I am just curious:
isn't yoga a physical excercise?
how does it helps us to meet God? I thought that to meet to meet God a person has to clear his heart and qonquer his feelings : Mun jeeta jug jeet
I personally never heard about yoga relating to sikhism before.
Is yoga mentioned in Guru Guranth Sahib?

these questions are asked out of total curiousity
Bhul chuk maaf
Wahe guru ji ka Khalsa
Wahe guru ji ki Phateh ji

You have two responses here.

First of all, Yoga is the science of union. The Siri Guru Granth Sahib uses Naad of the sound current to achieve union with God.

Now when you mention "clearing your heart and conquering your feelings" you have given the result for doing Yoga. There are so many kinds of Yoga.

If you are referring to Kundalini Yoga....this discipline uses the body the breath and the sound current to overcome the mind so the heart can open and the awareness can be used to focus on and understand the teachings of Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Kundalini Yoga works on strengthening the nervous system. Today's life is highly taxed with sensory bombardment and overload.

Guru Gobind Singh gave us the technology to become soldier Saints. Guru Amar Das, Guru Hargobind all taught us to master the physical realm to freely live as a lotus, roots in the muck of the earth but with a tenacity and beauty of spirit that is undeterred by its being connected to the physical realm.

Not only do we need to uplift ourselves, we must be strong enough to uplift others as well. This does not mean to preach to people about Sikhism and scare them with guilt. Are you in the space to really inspire love and devotion of the Guru and share experiences that transform people from fear to fearlessness.

Our Guru's were masters of Yoga. They lived and shared their experience of God with men and women everywhere. They showed us how to be great. We have this legacy to live up to. The Guru is our guide and teacher. So, go for it, Khalsa ji. You experience your union or Yoga with GOD.

second responder:

Are toothbrushes and toothpaste mentioned in SGGS? I don't remember seeing that. Does it mean we shouldn't use them?
Yoga is mentioned in SGGS but what does that matter? It has been known since 25,000 years that yoga is good for us. Why is that even a question?
SGGS is not to limit us, it is to elevate and liberate us. All the Guru's and Bhagats that are in SGGS meditated extensively. That is Raj Yoga. Have you seen "Raaj Jog, Takhat deean Guru Ram Das". Guru Ram Das was given the throne of Raj Yoga, the yoga of meditation.
Yes the Gurus practiced yoga. Yes it is good for you. No, it is not only physical.

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