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Summary of Question:when is the actual birth of sikh religion
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Tuesday, 5/23/2000 3:25 PM MDT

my question is that who was the first sikh . guru nanak dev ji or guru gobind

singh ji . if guru gobind singh ji then did guru nanak dev ji tie turban and
keep his hair uncut . if so why ? because before guru gobind singh it was not a tradition to tie turban and keep hair uncut and moreover guru nanak dev ji's
father was hindu( mehta kalu ram ji).

Guru Nanak did keep his hair and wore a turban. He was aware of his mission to be the founder of the Sikh path. It's part of the lesson he taught us, don't wait for those around you to tell you your mission in life. Meditate on it, then do it. He had thousands of years of tradition and his parents wishes weighing on him to "be a good little Hindu and don't make waves". But he knew his mission and he did it against all odds.

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when is the actual birth of sikh religion (05/23/2000)
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