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Summary of Question:SOLVE MY PROBLEM [with Second Moderator Response]
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/22/1999 6:13 AM MDT


I am writting this problem of mine to sikhnet hoping that i could get result very soon.My problem is that i am suffering from migrane and i have noticed the timings also and they are in evenings and in nights till mornings .Sometimes the whole day.My age will be 14 years on the 26 of july.I request you to send me a quick reply

REPLY [for Second Moderator Response, see below]

Migraine Headaches. One immediate help is a foot massage. You can do it yourself if there is no one else to do it. Start on the top of the foot about halfway between the ankle and toes. Massage strongly in between the bones. Work your way toward the toes. massage the toes all over the top, sides, back etc. Then massage the bottom of the foot about half way down the foot (you can massage the foot all the way to the heel if you have the time and energy). Remember to press firmly even if it hurts some.
To get rid of it permanently you have to use diet. One of the main things you can do to help is getting the right amount of high quality fats. You may eat fried foods and the like, but that is not good quality fat. You need to find raw, cold pressed seed and nut oils that are high in Omega 3, 6, and 9 fatty acids. Take them without heating them. You can mix them in a drink or put them on food, just don't cook them. ABout a tablespoon or two per day.
Also try eating a least one banana per day, which can be mixed in a drink with whey.

2nd Reply
Sat Nam, ji. Over the weekend, I began to write a somewhat lengthy response to your request for help. However, my current schedule is very compressed and I was unable to complete what I had written before the other moderator (above) gave you some valuable insights.

The first point is that as a question forum for youth on Sikhnet, we cannot in any way offer medical advice. It is very important that you seek the committed support of a qualified health professional. Another issue will be, just exactly what types of health professionals are licensed and accredited to offer services in Kuwait. Additionally, it would be very appropriate to include one or both of your parents in this discussion (if you would like to pursue it further), since there are expenses involved in getting qualified professional consultation, in getting appropriate foods, herbs, remedies or medicines, and the caring support and understanding of your parents will be very significant in making the lifestyle and dietary adjustments necessary to transform a pattern of migraine into a pattern of thriving and well-being.

It has been necessary for me, personally, to deal with a pattern of moderate to severe migraine for about 25 years. I have learned much about physiological and mental function in the course of consulting with many doctors, healers and health professional over that period. However, only in the past year have I been able to make really significant breakthrough in transforming a significant health problem into real progress and restoration of full health. Please understand that I am referring to my own case experience only, but I believe that what I can share with you from this learning and practical experience can be a significant source of inspiration, general direction and motivation for you to have great hope for a very different experience than the present. As the previous moderator has mentioned, diet is an extremely important aspect of migraine recovery. It is much, much better to eat foods that are organically grown whenever possible. If that is not possible, at least eat as much fresh and freshly
cooked foods as you can. Again, avoid foods that are greasy, fried, or deep fat fried. The liver and gall bladder are generally a key factor in triggering migraine in many people, and these two organs are directly involved in metabolizing fats in the body. Also, they are responsible for eliminating the toxins from our bodies. If our fat intake overloads a liver that is weakened and toxic, then the elimination process for toxins is interrupted and the toxins are re-circulated into the blood. This is where many migraines are triggered. So you must be very good to your liver. Drink plenty of pure water, avoid exposure to environmental toxins (chemicals, chemical fumes, insecticides, etc.), get plenty of good rest and sleep, and don't forget to meditate and pray (even though it's very difficult when your head is aching and you might feel very ill). Above all, ask Guruji for guidance and blessing. If you would like to communicate directly and more specifically, please e-mail me at [email protected]. I wil
l be very happy to share with you anything I can as a support for your well being. There is much more that is relevant, but probably more than is appropriate in this public forum situation. I have spoken with my Naturopathic doctor about your request for help, and she stated that she would be happy to offer general support and consultation in order to assist you in finding qualified professional support of a kind that can really help you thrive and grow beyond this current disorder.

Many blessings to you,
Krishna Singh Khalsa
A Sikhnet Youth Forum Moderator

I think it might be more appropriate to the nature of your situation to respond by email.

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SOLVE MY PROBLEM [with Second Moderator Response] (07/22/1999)
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