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Summary of Question:Hard Being Sikh With Form.
Date Posted:Monday, 3/14/2005 7:38 AM MDT


well i tie turban but i live in india, so may be i cannot understand how u feel.
GURU JI gave us this identity so that we can be spotted even in thousands and millons. YOu shud not feel emrassed rather u shud be proud that u are different from those who cut their hair. To avoid being outcasted by these mere mortals ...those ppl ignore thier GURUS teachings.
Just think with a diffrent prespective,,when u look at these ppl u even remeber who u saw when u go back home,..,.well trust me on that they do remember when they see u..
its really a symbol of pride and elevates u above the rest.
I am india and ppl who tie turban here ar really respected and i am sure ,,in US as well ppl see u with respect.
SO BE PROUD and don feel bad..

(REPLY) Sat Nam. Yes, Thank you for your comments. Wearing the crown (tuban) bestowed by our Father, Guru Gobind Singh, does make us stand out, and that was the intention, so that we would have the courage to represent ourselves as Khalsa, Sikhs of the Guru. It is true in some places, ignorant people may not appreciate who we are, but so what? That is their problem, not ours! If we maintain our dignity, our commitment, and our faith, that is what matters. Blessings, SP

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Hard Being Sikh With Form. (03/14/2005)
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