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Summary of Question:I Need A Break
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/21/2011 10:27 AM MDT dad wants to see me in my turban before dying....and i want that too....i am 15 years old and live in mumbai.i ahve tons of sikh friends.all of them have landed up frustated and ultimately cutting their hair.they all are atleast 4 years elder to me.i dont want to to end up like them.........but at the moment i need a break.i have my boards,and it is tough to handle my hair.i seriously need a break and want to live a bit normal life.i need your help.ineed to convince my dad.and i need your help seriously.i will surely grow my hair back.i need your help seriously.god will bless you.please keep this private.sorry for the essay and spelling mistakes.i need your help.

Harpreet Singh you are talking like a wimp. Your friends are not your friends. They are just people around you. No one special. Accept the challenge of your hair and excell. Go through it like a son of the Guru. You will do well in your exams. Go to the Golden Temple and pray to Guru Ram Das for gratitude. Just near the Golden Temple is Miri Piri Academy in Chaeherta Sahib.....there you will see many school children and staff in turbans from all over the wirh their hairs and turbans and very proud and also very modern.... teaching Yoga, meditation and Guru's bani. You can learn these things and go to that school. God bless you,


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I Need A Break (05/21/2011)
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