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Summary of Question:sore ears
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/15/2000 5:09 PM MST


I wear my turban during all hours of the day and get sore ears. Is there something that can releive this? Please don't answer by saying don't wear your turban because this is not possible. Please Email me on my address- [email protected]

I have experienced the same problem and I would recommend experimenting with different styles of tying your turban. One thing I have found to affect the comfort of my turban for my ears is to completely cover the ear with one wrap. For example, sometimes the second or third wrap will be low enough on my head to cover just the top of my ear. Instead of covering the ear, I put the wrap between my head and my ear. Then, the next wrap is low enough down that it covers my ear entirely and comfortably. If you having extreme difficulty tying a comfortable turban, you might consider tying a band of soft cloth (silk) around your head which covers your ears. Then when you tie your turban over it you won't experience any abrasive rubbing of your turban against your ears.
Good luck!
Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh Khalsa

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sore ears (02/15/2000)
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