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Summary of Question:Are Eating Meat/Water The Same?
Date Posted:Saturday, 9/18/1999 10:39 AM MDT

Although i have eaten meat for most of my life, my parents, grandmother and brother are Amrit-Thari.

I believe that eating meat and drinking water are similar, as one is still consuming a living organism.

However, my father, who i believe is spiritually 'advanced' often tells stories and gives examples of how eating meat shows ignorance, as we know it is wrong, and how fear inside the animals can lead to an imbalance in the body, alongside with how the conciousness of animals and bacteria is different.

I am currently just observing different opinions in order to justify my belief.
As Guru Nanak Dev Ji once said that 'One should not debate whether eating meat is right or not, as they should be concentrating on the Naam.

Yours Faithfully.

Arjun. (16)


Dear Arjun Singh,

Thank you I think this is the easiest question to answer that I have seen all day. Question is do you need to drink water in order to live? Answer is yes you do, if you do not drink water you will die. What will you learn if you die?
Question is do you need to eat Animals to live? Answer is no!!!! I'am a vegetarian and I have eaten meat and I have noticed ( and I say this sarcastically ) that I dont need meat to live. The point is all things come from God and all things go to God so in the end it is just part of a cycle. But, while you are here and you know that you dont have to eat meat in order to live and you can manage with vegetables and dairy etc. Doesnt it seem strange that people eat meat, for which an animal needs to be killed, simply for the pleasure of the taste. Someone kills an animal for the pleasure of the taste. Would you like me to write it again. Doesnt that seem extreme, kill something because you like it. So here is the thing you have to figure out for yourself. Do you participate in the process where some animal is killed in order to make your meal more tasty and participate in the conciousness of that. Or do you participate in leaving another animal out of that process allowing it to live and eat that good Panjabi fo
od your mother makes, such as Chole, Aloo Ghobi, Matter Paneer so on and so on. Think about it. Enjoy life. Thank You

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

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