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Summary of Question:could sikh girls do makeup?
Date Posted:Friday, 2/11/2000 8:29 AM MST

Waheguru ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji ki Fateh

I need to ask the following question to clarify my own believes:
Could a sikh girl do makeup -using lipstick, making eyebrows-? Why not?

The question arises at school one day,while my sikh and non-sikh friends were discussing about religion. All my sikh friends believe in religion and try to follow our rules. Some of them do makeup, make eyebrows but they don't cut their hair. Other (including myself) don't do makeup and don't cut their hair.
While being asked, Why Not- there was conflict with answers. I personally believe that our religion says not to but I could not give the recent answer. I searched on net and I could not get any recent answer. We are told not to cut our hair ( read that on many sources) But are we really told not to do makeup, not to make eyebrows? ............

I know it is your believes in God and His teaching, but sometime you need to know the answer to explain your view points to others.

could you please answer the question, at least in NO or YES form.
thankyou very much

Waheguru bless all of us

Makeup is a denial of the radiance of the soul. It is saying that you are a creature of the physical world, not infinity.

I was once part of a military training exercise with some of my Khalsa brothers and sisters. We all wore camoflage face paint, the kind that totally covers your face with black and green. I made a joke to one of the women because her face was totally black and green, but her eyes and teeth were bright white. She said, "you think it's funny, but this is what makeup is."
When you wear makeup you completely block all the radiance of the soul which projects through the face. You might as well wear a mask. That may or may not be specifically mentioned in the Rehit, but it is another symptom of not being happy with yourself as God made you.

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