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Summary of Question:Re: sects that resemble Sikh Dharma in some way
Date Posted:Saturday, 8/21/1999 11:14 PM MDT
I had written a response on this about 2 weeks back...that does not seem to have been it an over sight or are there other reasons why you have chosen not to publish it...please advise...thank you

The Sikhnet Youth Forum is not intended for discussion or adult user contributions. It is a site solely intended for youth to be able to ask questions anonymously and receive answers witten by the Youth Forum moderators. On rare occasions, additional postings that are submitted by others might be approved for display. However, that option is solely at the discretion of any particular moderator who may choose to do so in order to enhance or expand the answers already being provided by the moderator. I'm not aware of the specific response being referred to in this question. But the fact that your response was not posted should not, in any way, be taken as a judgment regarding the insight or wisdom you were intending to convey. The reality is that such posts are essentially outside the intended scope of the Sikhnet Youth Forum. Hopefully this response will enable the intent and focus of the Youth Forum to be more clearly understood.

Thank you very much for your interest and support for issues that are of concern for Sikh youth. Their concerns and needs are well worth every moment of time and interest that you can invest in any way possible.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Re: sects that resemble Sikh Dharma in some way (08/21/1999)
sects that resemble Sikh Dharma in some way (08/06/1999)
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