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Summary of Question:Re Guru Or God
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 1/03/2007 3:05 PM MST

Guru Fateh Ji

well the answer is simple.God.God created all.Guru ji is mergd with God.Guru ji is a drop of water and God is the ocean.When you worship the whole ocean the drop is worshiped as well.Dont get caught up in only the Gurus.The Sky is reflected in many water pictchers but when the pitchers break there is only sky(Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji) All the Gurus are merged fully with God and sooo few r lucky enough to find this state
Those who have found it (the Gurus n Guru Granth Sahib Ji) be a sacrifice to them but know they are all from the lord.Does this help?To better explain things heres a great Sakhi from
One day Bhai Vir Singh was going for one of his regular walks. He would walk through beautiful fields everyday. The day was fresh and sunny...

As he walked he felt quite happy and content with everything. He came across this fresh grassy patch and in the middle of this grassy patch was the most beautiful flower he had ever seen. He liked it so much he decided to go up to it and smell it, and it smelt wonderful! He thought to himself "What a wonderful species! I think I will pick it and take it home." As he started to
pick it, he heard a voice...

"What are you doing!!" The voice had come from the flower. Bhai Vir Singh said "I saw you looking so beautiful I thought I would take you home with me." The flower said "my beauty is not from me, it is from my roots." Bhai Sahib said "OK, then I shall take your roots." As he proceeded to take the roots another voice came...

"Don't take us, we are sustained by the soil" said the roots.

As Bhai Sahib went for the soil, the soil said "Don't take us we are sustained by the rain from the clouds above!!"

Then Bhai Vir Singh stood and looked at the beautiful white clouds gently swimming across the blue sky and he said...

"I know what the clouds are going to say! It is not us but it is that WONDERFUL AKAAL PURAKH that sustains us!! If that is the case then VAAHEGUROO! I WANT NOTHING ELSE BUT YOU. You sustain all these beautiful things, you are the source, it is YOU that I shall take home with me..."

TYhe heart of the Gurus is God.Use the Guru to find God.The Sadh Sangat is in u.God is in ur body and you find God through the Shabad Guru (Guru Granth Sahib Ji and Naam)
Highest of High is God and we know God through Bani
in Guru Granth Sahib the word Guru refers to God or the naam
Guru ji told us not to worship him
Guru Jis virtues all come from the lord
so serve n adore the Lord
Hope this helps
Guru Rakha Ji-teji KAur
[email protected]

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