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Summary of Question:Response To: When To Tie A Pagari
Date Posted:Tuesday, 3/02/2004 7:36 PM MST

This is in response to the young man whose parents want him to tie a pag once he starts 9th grade.

I am a young woman (24 years old), born and raised in Canada. I just got married to my very handsome sardar husband this year.

I personally feel that a pag looks so much better than a patka. In my opinion, patkas suit little boys, but after puberty hits in, a young man should tie a pag. The pag gives more definition to the face, whereas the patka brings attention to the jura first. Also, the pag is so royal, and to me there is nothing quite as charming and magnetic as a young sardar who carries himself gracefully, and brings respect to his turban. Just my opinion.

My husband started tying his pagri in ninth grade, even though he had no trace of a dhari back then. He looked incredibly handsome :).

I understand your apprehensions -- change is scary. But I just wanted to give you a sardarni's perspective. I also know that girls prefer young men who tie turbans to patkas. I think this is because the turban embodies strength and manhood, and that is something I would want by my side.

You go girl! And, you're right.

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Response To: When To Tie A Pagari (03/02/2004)
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