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Summary of Question:Do Sikhs With Turbans Think They Are Better Than The Rest?
Date Posted:Friday, 2/18/2005 1:41 PM MST

There is a group of students in university making a social club for "sardars" only. They have only contacted those that wear turbans. Most if not all the members trim their beards and drink and have done drugs at some point, all the while wearing turbans. Wearing the turban for them has become just as much a fashion statement to them as is the fact they are sikh.

I recently found out they had a dinner and did not invite their other sikh friends unless they had a turban. Is this ok? Do many sikhs with turbans think they are better? Particularly In this case that I have mentioned, can you suggest what I should do?

- Saddened Sikh

Sat Siri Akaal. It is not for us to say if "this is OK." Evidently they are discriminating as to who they think they are and who the rest are, Sikhs or not, turbans or not. Prejudice and arrogance are flip sides of the same coin, and part of the 5 evils Guru reminds us to work to avoid (ego).

There is nothing you should do, and I'm not sure why you are offended at not being invited, based on your post. I suggest you start your own organization and invite all who believe/practice as Sikhs (with our without turbans) and turn it into a social/seva group where you can meet and share things Sikh such as chanting or doing seva --but also build lasting friendships. Do not make it a group to spite or cast negativity on others. Don't turn it into a drinking club either. If you don't wish to go that far, set your own standards as to who you are and what matters to you, and act on them. Do not let their clubbishness make you feel ostracized. Don't give them that power over you at any level.
Guru ang sang,

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Do Sikhs With Turbans Think They Are Better Than The Rest? (02/18/2005)
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