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Summary of Question:Re: Was Guru Gobhing Singh Ji a hypocrite?
Date Posted:Monday, 2/07/2000 8:03 PM MST
This is to address the language used in some of the questions.

I sincerely hope that ALL SIKHS who refer to our beloved Gurus, show utmost
respect while addressing issues or inquiring into our Guru's History. We must
always remember that reverence does always include utmost respect. Although, it
may be necessary to clarify certain issues to understand our Guru's message, use of terminology as if we were talking about us, Sikhs, in my opinion, is quite disrespectful. Lack of information on the Gurus or Sikh History must never
become an excuse for use of improper language. Courtesy, reverence and respect
are part of every civilization, culture, society and religion and there is no excuse for any civilized human being who does not use them in everyday life and especially when referring to our Spiritual Masters. The word 'hypocrite' doesnot belong with the Guru's name especially when the person who asked this
question is using the Prefix 'Guru' and the suffix 'Ji' both of which indicate
someone who is both, enlightened and great. To all my brothers and sisters, PLEASE do use appropriate language when referring to our Dearly Beloved Gurus.


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