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Summary of Question:Hair
Date Posted:Thursday, 1/20/2000 2:19 AM MST

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Is that wrong for a AmritDahri Sikh to go to the barber to arrange his moustache and beard in proper and upwards using chemical so that the moustache
does not go into the mouth? I did not cut or shave my moustache to do that.

Will my Amrit break?


Dear Amarpalji,

The rules are pretty clear here. Although I understand why you would do that and that it is not to change the way you look. Rules are still rules you either live with them or you do not. If you take Amrit as a Human Being you are going to intrepret things and some of those things your conscience will be ok with and some things your conscience will not be ok with. Understand that you are the one that has deal with your decisions no one else. So you have to decide whether it is right or wrong based on the facts and your own conscience. I would also ask a local Gianni what he thinks about it especially if he knows you and you respect his advice. Thank you


Thank you.

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Hair (01/20/2000)
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