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Summary of Question:Guru Nanak Dev Ji Hindu Or Muslim?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/02/2003 2:32 PM MDT


I firstly want 2 tell u what a great website this is.
I was just browsing through the forum and I read this question:

was a Sikh, but sorry boyz i have just found a new and clean religion,ISLAM.i still keep in touch with my sikh brothers and sisters as they have no problems with me converting to islam.when i was reading islamic books,it came to attention that Sikhism is very similar to islam,on the ways they perform there prayers.all i wanted to know is that was guru nanak a muslim when he was killed,and was that why my guru nanak was killed.i aint messing around,did is very touchy and very emotional for please can you reply to me.
Sas Ri Ya Kal
1st REPLY:
Guru Nanak was Guru Nanak, not Hindu, not Muslim, not even Sikh. He also was not killed so I'm not sure what you are asking.

So, if Guru Nanak dev Ji wasn’t Sikh what was he? That’s all I want 2 know, because ever since I red it I’ve been a bit confused.

Guru Nanak was neither Hindu nor Muslim. He loved God, and was born a great saint into the family of a business-man father who thought he was an idiot and often cursed and hit Nanak for thinking like a saint instead of a businessman. This kind of family environment did not attach Nanak to any practice or dogma. Instead, he sought out people who loved Waheguru and practiced spiritual practices, and then had his own spiritual 'epiphany', after which he composed Japji and began both teaching and writing bani. At that time his sister, Nanaki, became his first follower. His basic teaching: doesn't mater HOW you are born, Hindu or Muslim or anything else. One's birth as one or the other, poor or Brahmin, does not determine whether one is or can be spiritual. Spirituality is attained through practice of the NAAM. So, Nanak was the first Sikh, his followers were called Sikhs.
Guru ang sang,

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