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Summary of Question:what is the cast system
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Monday, 8/30/1999 3:27 AM MDT

Can someone please

explain the cast system to me?? Like all the Different classes etc.

Caste systems mean someone is cast out and exploited, while someone else adopts an elitist position in order to benefit. The caste system, as explained by our Gurus, is a corruption of intrinsic human equality and equanimity. How or who can explain anything that is corrupt and degrading? Why would you want to know the details of that?

The Indian caste system is only one of the caste systems of suffering humanity. Another one is between haves and have-nots, between the middle class and the homeless. Another is between different versions of racial or religious superiority, often times leading to genocide or so-called <ethnic cleansing>. Another is the supression of women. Every caste system is a perversion of the underlying reality that each and every human being is nothing less than Wahe Guru at her or his core. Explaining any caste system makes as much sense as attempting to create a coherent, reconciled, integrated story out of all the delusional beliefs among the inmates of an insane asylum. Insanity can't be reconciled within itself, so how can it be explained?

Rather than study the nuances of the caste system, why not study the sacred medicine that can rid humanity of this disease? Gurbani can raise our spirits and raise the levels of our insight and understanding so that with us together as the Khalsa, humanity can be uplifted and inspired from out of the darkness of caste systems. Why invest time and mental energy in anything less than that?

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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