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Summary of Question:Studies
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/17/1999 12:30 AM MDT

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji Ke Fateh

I would really like to ask you something please.
It is urgent.
Well you see I am in Singapore 14 years old.
In secondary 2 equivalent to grade 8 in India if I am not mistaken.
Today I had my Geography exam.
I think I have failed the exam and I am very scared.
I did ardas before doing the paper and was doing the Mool Mantra during the paper but how come I still didn't know most of the answers
And I was studying the whole night too.
I am very sad. I haven't got my results but I think I definitely failed.
I can't think of anything but the paper and I have got other exams too.
Can you please help me?
Could you kindly give me the answer by today?

WaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji Ke Fateh.

Sat Nam, ji. I am sorry if you think that the Ardas and Mool Mantra are magically going to enforce your success in anything. If you have a pure heart, what they can do is dedicate your purity to the greatest good for all beings. It is still your responsibility to learn, to prepare and to excel. If you don't succeed, it can cleanse your sense of guilt and shame because guilt and shame are illusions. If we succeed it is Wahe Guru's victory. If we fail, and thereby awaken to our responsibility to keep up and keep going, then that too is Wahe Guru's victory. The success of a Sikh lies first in being dedicated to Wahe Guru ji, regardless of the outcome. Then there is no shame and no blame. Keep up, keep studying, and dedicate everything to Wahe Guru. If you love Wahe Guru, you'll give your very best.

Blessings to you,
Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Studies (10/17/1999)
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