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Summary of Question:Why Gurgaddi Stayed In The Family After 4Th Guru?
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Tuesday, 4/01/2003 8:56 PM MDT

this question is bothering me for a while now. why gurgaddi started? and why it stayed in family after 4th guru? i heard a katha that one of our guru gave his promist to bibi Bhani ji that gurgaddi will stay in family who is eligible for it. i think that it one of four sahibzaade would be alive then gur gaddi would have been still in the family. it just does not make sense to me that why she will ask something that in my sense is very selfish.

please forgive me if i have said something mean.
guru granth sahib is mostly written by our first five gurus and some of it by our ninth guru. and guru granth sahib is our guru who we follow why we did not make guru granth sahib our guru after guru arjun dev hi when it was called adi granth.

Sat Siri Akaal. 3rd Guru Amar Das promised his daughter Bibi Bhani Kaur that the guruship would would remain in her lineage. And so it was, through Guru Gobind Singh, all the Gurus from Guru Ram Das forward were of 4th Guru's and Bibi Bhani's lineage. Guru Amar Das made this promise after Bibi Bhani held his meditation cot for hours to keep it from falling on its broken leg and disturbing her father's meditation. It was his gift to her, and even if a single one of 10th Gurus sons had lived and been given the Guruship, he would still have been a descendant of 4th Guru and Bibi Bhani Kaur. You can see it as selfish, but in the end, it was God's will.

Sikhi was not ready for Adi Granth to be Siri Guru after Guru Arjun compiled it. Each Guru after 5th Guru had a key teaching or understanding to lend Sikhi. There is not space here to describe that, but study the 6th-10th Gurus and you will see the contributions they made to Sikhi! Guru Arjun compiled bani of his predecessor Gurus as well as bani of many bhagats and poets such as Kabeer, Ravi Das, Nam Dev, and others for Adi Granth. But 5th Guru left some 'space' in his compilation because he knew that a Guru after him would have bani to add. The 'space' he left was filled with the bani of 9th Guru Tegh Bahadur, and his son, Guru Gobind Singh, saw to it that his father's bani was included.
Guru ang sang,

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Why Gurgaddi Stayed In The Family After 4Th Guru? (04/01/2003)
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