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Summary of Question:Re: violating the gurus rules by taking the langer on chairs.
Date Posted:Tuesday, 2/22/2000 4:41 PM MST
I agree, this forum should not be a place for political issues. I do challenge however the premise of the author of the first reponse:

"The Sri Akal Takht is the seat of religious authority in the Sikh Dharma. Therefore, when they issue their edict that all should sit on the floor it should be followed."

Please forgive me if I sound too aggressive or ignorant, as I am still a student of the Sikh faith....but.....was it not decreed by our Gurus that their shall not be a formal priesthood? What is the difference of say...the pandits of Hinduism and the "keepers of the Sri Guru Granth Sahib"? Why should the word of a select few at Akal Talht be taken as supreme? Seems to me as if they are saying that they are the most faithful and have the power to create policies that should be supported by all Keshadharis (and Sahejdharis?)

Inder Singh


DearInder Singh Ji,

You are not being too agressive, it is perfectly ok to question things as they are. What was meant in the answer was that There has to be some kind of governing body or unified leadership and the Akal Takht is the recognized seat of religious authority for the Sikh religion. Without direction and guidance we are not going to be a very organized or together religion. I did not say that you have to agree with the policies of the Akal Takht leader or any political group. I'am saying that if the Akal Takht issues an edict that clears up a confusion that is obvious and prevalent, and the problem is solved by this edict. Then more power to them. However the steps should be taken that this power is not abused.

The Akal Takht is not a few trying to control the many. The edict was sent out to clear up a problem that was creating friction. Rather than seeing it as a negative see it as a positive. People were actually ready or willing to be violent about this issue. The issue was given clarity and that clarity should be an end to it.

What it really comes down to is there is now a question in the motives and a shakiness in the trust that these Jethadars once held. This is due to other issues that have cropped up surrounding the actions of those same people. This is an unspoken feeling that is out there. What needs to happen is that we need to have that trust re-instated. How? We need get back on our feet so to speak. The last 16 years have been a devastating time for our Religion. Just look at the differences from pre Bluestar and now ( Disclaimer: this is I admit my own opinion). When we say taking the politics out of all of it. I mean to suggest " just how much have we been weakened by all of the problems we have had ( including the Indian Governments cladestine operation to create this weakness in the Sikh population ).

Let's keep this as an ongoing issues shall we. I don't think we could go into even a little bit of this in one answer. In the mean time I hope that this has satisfied your inquisitiveness regarding the why? Thank you very much.


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