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Summary of Question:Dasam Garanth
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Wednesday, 6/14/2000 2:19 AM MDT

What is Dasam Garanth and How much important this Dasam Garant for with Sikh history?

if you have detail ans. for me , I am very much thankful to you.
Guru Fateh.


Dear Kulwant Ji:

Sat Siri Akaal Ji. Dasam Granth is collected poetry of 10th Guru Gobind Singh. It is 10th Guru's rendition of his life, his purpose in being born (as Guru), and his praise of Waheguru.

Please see this site for further information:

Guru rakha,

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Dasam Garanth (06/14/2000)
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