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Summary of Question:When someone says they will take off my turban
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/08/1999 4:29 PM MDT

Me and this guy I know were having a simple conversation. At a point, we started to joke around with eachother. I said something very lite to him and in response he said don't make me rip that turban off your head!!! I was totally in shock when he said that. I told him that don't ever make a comment about my turban and that i found it to be offensive. He said that he understands. I know there is something more I should of said or done. If this ever happens to me what should I do? Should I continue talking to that person or not? Please help.


It is definitely inappropriate for your friends to consider your turban as a hat or as some token religious "thing" that you do. You were justified in reprimanding him and fortunate that he understands. However, firmly and gracefully explaining the significance of your turban is sufficient. If someone is physically trying to remove your turban then you are justified in defending yourself and doing everything in your capacity to prevent them from removing it.

There's no reason to discontinue your friendship with this person as long as he maintains mutual respect for you and the situation.

Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh

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When someone says they will take off my turban (07/08/1999)
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