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Summary of Question:Hair, a significant part of our body
Date Posted:Tuesday, 10/10/2000 10:49 PM MDT

Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!

I have a friend, who belongs to a sikh family but he cuts his hair. While we were chatting about something, I called him as a Sardar. he started laughing and said, "It's true that my middle name is Singh and that i wear a Kara but i am not a Sardar." In response i asked him, "Then why is he not a sardar?" in other words, i asked him why he cut his hair. he said because when he was in Grade 3 he was discriminated because of his Turban. Thus, his parents decided to cut his hair and after that he never went back. He is a very nice person and he values Sikhism and our culture but he said that he thinks that is enough that he respects Sikhism and his cultures and traditions. He thinks that he doesn't needs to prove it by stopping to cut his hair. I didn't say anything else thinking that it is none of my business. Should i try to influence such people to follow the Sikhi path or should i leave them alone? and if i should then how?
Also, i have another friend who belongs to a sikh family but he doesn't wear a kara (and of course he cuts his hair too). I requested him to wear the kara and sent him a few relevant responses from your forum in order to encourage him and give him a reason to wear kara. He is a very sincere person as well who respects sikhism and does Nitnem everyday. I wish i could have made him wear the kara but he hasn't yet. I don't want to rule others' life thus i told him that i will try never to talk about this topic now. should i bug him or let him do what he is doing?
Waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fateh!

Inspiration is a beautiful thing. When you share experience and inspiration you are blessings yourself and others.

All our Guru did that made them great was to live in God consciousness and guide others to that exalted experience of God within themselves.

Most people have no idea why we do any of these Sikh practices. They have no training or understanding. When you uplift others and share understanding you are great. Keep up.

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Hair, a significant part of our body (10/10/2000)
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