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Date Posted:Tuesday, 11/29/2005 1:36 AM MST

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa. Vaheguru ji ki Fateh.

I am 17 years of age and am learning and also teaching Gatka to a few people out of the Akhara. I recently learnt how to tie a Dhamala for a Gatka goldmedalist based in the UK. I live in Nairobi, Kenya and very few people know how to tie a dhamala and during Gatka training I always tie it. The problem is that my dad (who is also an Amritdhari)doesn't like the way I tie my dhamala and when I tied it to school one day a Singh came up to me and discourage me from tieing it from that day I only tie a dhamala during practice. My question is is it wrong to change your Dastar style from time to time and are the Nihang Singhs the only ones allowed to wear dhamalas all the time coz I feel proud when tie it coz I am the only Sikh in the whole of Nairobi tie one.

Vaheguru ji ka Khalsa. Vaheguru ji ki Fateh.

P.S. thanks alot to all the sevadars for starting up this forum and answering all the questions of the youth


Turbin style is a very personal choice, because it reflects our identity. It is important to tie the turbin in the style that makes you feel good, proud and happy. Wear your turbin as you like with grace, as the son of the Guru. Blessings. GTKK

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Dastar Type (11/29/2005)
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