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Summary of Question:I'm lost and I need guidance
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/15/1999 11:37 PM MDT

I don't know what to do. I am so lost. I want to unite my soul with God. I want to be blissful forever and set my mind and soul free from the pointless things I get preoccupied in my life. Right now, I'm overwhelmed with the pressure to get into med school. It's like, whenever I do ardas or paath, I always ask to get into med school and be a good doctor, when I know I should be thanking God and loving God from the bottom of my soul. I know that I SHOULD be doing this, but I don't... and I don't know why I don't. It's like, rightnow, I'm telling myself that once I'm in med school, I'll totally become religious... and I know this is wrong. I don't want to lose these best years of my life and let my career take priority over my relationship with God. Sometimes, I wish I could run off to a convent or something, but dammit, we don't have convents! I want to unshackle myself from these preoccupations with my career (and other things that fit under the 'worldly" category...)and get close to God. I've tho

ught of it many times.. maybe death will liberate me from my preoccupations.. won't it be so much simpler then? Please help: what can I do?... is there somethign I can read?


Dear One:

Don't be so dejected. Life is about living - not dying. We must all accept death as inevitable and then forget it. Death is not a solution to any problems. It is the experience of LIVING that counts.

Regarding asking for favors during Prayer: This is what Guru Granth Sahib ji says:

"Jee kee birtha hoiy so Gur peh ardas kur. Chhod siyanap sagal, mun tun arp dhur".

"Do an ardas to Waheguru for whatever your desires are. And then, leave your own wisdom aside, and surrender your mind and body to HIM".

Therefore there is nothing wrong in your ASKING for what you want in prayer. But you should leave the decision whether to grant that prayer or not, to Waheguru, who Knows what is best for us.

Having said that, let me explain this a little further.

Like everything else, there is progression in our thinking, our attitudes, our wants, desires and everything else. When we are young, we want "things". When we acquire some spirituality over time, our "wants" change. We no longer crave for "things", we want to get closer to God, and eventually to feel His presence within our own selves and in those around us. When this happens, our request for favors in our Ardas will automatically change. We will no longer ask for material things or material wishes like getting into med school. We will ask for help to realize Him within ourselves and the ability to see Him in others.

A sure and easy step towards achieving that objective is PRAYER.

Depending upon your background, I can suggest several different prayers. Japji is a prayer that every Sikh needs to read, understand, and follow. But persons of Indian origin may find that it has words that are not in common usage in spoken Punjabi. For them, Anand Sahib and Sukhmani, are excellent choices. Both of these Banees are in very simple Punjabi and very easy to understand - and both are Instructional in nature. I have been without human parents from a very young age, and I found that both these Banees guided me through thick and thin of life and helped me along. You may have a similar experience.

Regarding your desire to leave it all and find solitutde somewhere else:

Our religion teaches us to Pray, earn an honest living, and share our resources with those who are less fortunate. This is our duty. This is our religion.

If you work hard to become eligible for joining medical school, and if you do join that profession, think of all the lives you may save and all the people that you will help. And if you become rich, think of all the ways you could help those who are less fortunate. Think of the pleasure it will be to be God's instrument in making a difference in other peoples' lives. Think positive. Think God. Think the joys of life and the opportunities it affords for bringing a ray of sunshine into the lives of others. We, in this entire universe, are one big family. We need to help as many as we can. But we cannot do that if we ourselves are not prepared. You are young. Study. Study. And study some more. If you want to become a doctor, then prepare for it. If don't get admitted into med school at the first try, then find out why. Get the assistance you need from the Guidance counselor at your school. Work hard and think God. Everything will be OK. Our duty lies in our doing our best. The results are in H

IS hands and we must accept these.

Leaving everything behind and trying to find Him in the Jungles or anywhere else, will not work. HE is where you are. There is no need to run away. Stay where you are, DO YOUR BEST, and leave the rest to Him.

If you do not have access to Prayer Gutkas, then e-mail me your name and address and I will be honored to send these to you as a gift. Either in original Gurmukhi or in Gurmukhi/English translation.

Do not despair. Have Faith, and Pray with all your heart. Waheguru will look after you.

affectionately, and with a prayer in my heart for your well being.

email address: [email protected]

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