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Summary of Question:Premature Births/Stillbirths
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Friday, 5/21/1999 1:21 AM MDT

Does Gurbani explain premature births? In terms of karma, what is the purpose behind a baby being, say, three months premature (and requiring a ventilator to survive/continue development), rather than being born a healthy baby, on time?

Also, what about miscarriages and stillbirths? Will the souls of those babies continue to go through the birth/death cycle? What is even the point of their conception if they are not even given the chance to go through life? I don't know if there is any religious explanation from the Sikh point of view, but if you could provide one, that would be great. thanks!
Sat Nam. Taking as our premise that birth and death are in the hands of God, as our Guru teaches us, and understanding that we do work out our karma here on Earth, it is logical that some souls only need to be in human form briefly. This is a painful, heartbreaking experience for parents. Similarly, a sick child brings another set of circumstances where sorrow and grief can take over, but, by the grace of God, if people can maintain their faith, and accept everything as God's will, as painful as it may be - the karma gets worked out. Accepting the will of God even in the worst circumstances is a great spiritual achievement. Our Guru tells us that God is the Doer of everything. That includes many unpleasant, difficult, and even terrible things.
Faith is easy, when things are easy, byt the real test is when they are not. It is not the life that matters, it is the courage that we bring to it. Remember those women we speak about every day in the Ardas? "...Who never gave up their faith and determination to live according to the Sikh rehit.." they continued chanting God's Name even when their babies were tossed into the air and caught on the lances of the enemy soldiers. Life is an opportunity, it is a gift we each get to use just so long as God continues to breathe in us, to experience His Creation and to remember: all things come from God and all things shall return to God, including us. May we do so consciously. Blessings, SP

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Premature Births/Stillbirths (05/21/1999)
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