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Summary of Question:karma theory
Date Posted:Sunday, 4/25/1999 7:20 AM MDT

Christians believe in heaven and hell,so do Muslims.Hindus and Sikhs believe in karma theory.Aren't all these theories of 'reward and punishment' created by different religions just ways to scare man away from bad deeds

and encourage him to do good deeds,whereas there is no reality in either of the theories?
Sat Nam. Well, Newton's third law is a theory also. But we can see evidence of cause and effect throughout the universe. The problem is that sometimes there's a time lag between the cause and the effect! We are experiencing in this lifetime the results of our past actions, while simultaneously we are creating more karma by what we do now. One of the best explanations I ever found was in the book called "HOW TO KNOW GOD" which is the translation of an ancient text -- not a religious one -- but based on the enlightened wisdom of Patanjali, who wrote about the eight steps in Raj Yoga. As far as I know, the concept of karma and reincarnation is accepted in all metaphysical circles, and of course, you can "believe " in it or not, but there are basic Cosmic Laws which transcend any religious interpretation. It is unfortunate that many religions use fear as a tool to keep people subjugated, and promises of some future paradise for "good deeds." On the contrary, our Guru teaches us to bring "heaven" to eart
h and recognize the God within us (and in every other being), while we're still here. We are basically spiritual beings who have come to Earth to have a human experience. It becomes a happier experience, and a more successful one when we tune in to God's will in our lives, and use the wisdom of Guru to guide us. Meditation and getting in touch with your own inner highest Self will reveal Truth to you, so you won't need convincing by anyone else!One of the tools we can use for effective meditation is the practice of Kundalini Yoga which includes the chanting of the Holy Nam. I know that Astrology is not accepted by many Sikhs, but it does show the karmic patterns that a person is born with. It is Guru's grace that we do not have to be limited by the negative karmas that we have earned -- but sometimes it useful to know "where we were at" when we were born. The soul chooses a time and place and the parents for the circumstances it needs to learn its karmic lessons. I hope this helps a little. Blessings,

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karma theory (04/25/1999)
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