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Summary of Question:AM I A SIKH??
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Tuesday, 6/08/1999 4:14 AM MDT



Sat Sri Akal,

I am from Melbourne Australia, and the youth here have their own discussion forum which can be accessed from the two websites,

There was one issue which brought a little mayhem. This issue was concerning, people who call themselves Sikhs but have no sikh external identity. Some people believed that you can call your self Sikh if you have the internal beliefs of a Sikh, whilst others said that there is no way a person can even consider calling him/herself a Sikh unless they are willing to show it externally, Yet, others such as I, believe that a person can call them selves a Sikh, (not Khalsa) if they make an effort and believe that they will eventually take the form of a Khalsa.

What is Sikhisms View. Is it O.K for a person to call him/herslf a Sikh, If a ,(sikh) with shorn hair is asked, "What religion do you belong to?" Is it ok for him/her, to say, "I am a Sikh"

Sundeep Singh Shergill,

A person can call themself whatever they like, but the Guru knows what is in their heart. It is not the place of a Sikh to tell someone, "You are not a Sikh." It is the place of a Sikh to uplift and inspire others to live as a Sikh.

Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh

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