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Summary of Question:I Am So Unhappy And Don't Know What Happiness Is
Date Posted:Sunday, 10/03/2010 10:46 AM MDT

Satnam waheguru

I am so very unhappy although I shouldn't feel this way. I just don't know what is wrong. I feel very angry, all the time. I am angry at my children, and my husband. I have always tried to be a good person, and always feel that things go wrong for me. I am never content with anything. I have a job, but I am unhappy, because I am not getting the right training it it to do well. I wanted do well. Our house needs lots of work on it, my husband, is not progressing with his job, and we are in debt. I cry all the time, because, all my good thoughts and deeds and integrity that I use to do a good job, just blocks me all the time when it comes to my own progression. I always feel as if I am not succeeding. Please can you advise on what prayer to say to uplift my spirits and repay all my debts, and make me feel content and less angry so that I can start to rebuild my relationship with my husband. I feel very negative all the time, even though I try to be very positive. It's like I have nothing else left to give. I feel completely alone. Many Thanks.
Dear one, your self esteem is very low. I suggest that you recite the shabd BHAND Jamee-ai every day for 31 minutes or 11 times. Immerse yourself into it and let it life your spirits and surround you with a shield of protection. You can download it from sikhnet in a version by Satkirin Kaur Khalsa (or at itunes). Do it at least for 90 days without break of a day and let it work for you. Blessings to you, SK

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I Am So Unhappy And Don't Know What Happiness Is (10/03/2010)
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