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Summary of Question:Jura Tangles
Date Posted:Tuesday, 7/31/2007 4:56 PM MDT

My juda is unmanagable. Everytime i wash it, it takes half an hour to dry and then when it dries, there is way to many tangles. I don't want to cut my hair but it is way too much unmanagable. What should i do

Sat nam. This is why conditioner was invented. It makes hair easier to manage after it's been washed. Find some good conditioner to use after you shampoo your hair. Rinse it out, unless it's a 'leave-on' conditioner. If you aren't sure how to use it, go to a hair salon and pay for a lesson in hair care. It what hairdressers are trained in, besides cutting.
It is also ok to invest in a hand hairdryer for speeding up the drying process now and then. But don't use it until you've combed out your wet hair first. Tangles are easier to remove when the hair is damp. ALSO, comb from the bottom and work your way UP to the scalp when combing out wet hair.
Guru ang sang

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Jura Tangles (07/31/2007)
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