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Summary of Question:Hard Being Sikh With Form.
Date Posted:Monday, 2/21/2005 4:03 PM MST

Hi, this question is for turbanned young men (age group 22-30). I am wondering how turbanned men go about living their daily lives in America, particularly in areas where there isn't much diversity of people. For instance, how do you overcome people always staring and making fun of you because of the turban. If your married, how do you keep your head high when people say negative things, make Osama bin laden jokes, treat you bad and make fun at restaurants, stare excessively when you walk by, etc. I am curious how everyone handles this, since day to situation its hard being different and wearing a turban these days and having to deal with college kids snickering all the time, people staring etc. It's like people won't even let you enjoy a meal at any restaurant, you can't live really sometimes it seems, its hard. I hate how everyone embarrasses the turbanned man infront of thier wives and kids. How to deal with this? Please respond. Thanks.


Would anyone like to tell their experiences?

Gur Fateh,

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Hard Being Sikh With Form. (02/21/2005)
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