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Summary of Question:Divorce
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Saturday, 8/07/1999 11:05 AM MDT

What is the Sikh view on divorce? Is it o.k. to divorce and get remarried? I made a wrong choice by marrying someone who turned out to be different than he seemed to be before marriage. What do I do?

In Sikh Dharma there is no mistake that cannot be corrected, and there is nothing created that is good that can't be destroyed. The question is, what is your motivation, what have you learned? Did you really have Guru in your heart and mind the first time? Do you really have Guru in your heart today?

The cycles of birth, death, karma and suffering are unending. The path of the Guru is infinite. The only question is, which path are you on? We have no dogmas about prohibiting or promoting divorce. We do have teachings to leave ego and neurosis in order to elevate your soul and the the lives of all beings.

A marriage is a vow. If your spouse has broken it, can it be repaired by Guru's grace? If it can be repaired or if it is broken beyond repair, in either case only Guru can guide you the proper resolution in this situation. There is no convenient consensus to tell you what to do.

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Divorce (08/07/1999)
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