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Summary of Question:Gurdware Sahibs abroad
Date Posted:Thursday, 8/12/1999 2:15 PM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji ki Fathe.

Bhai Sahib / Bibi Ji,

This is the second time I am e-mailing you about the same query.
I first e-mailed you a few weeks ago, however I recieved no reply, so I am trying once again.
My qery I feel, is a simple one and although I am aware of how busy you must be at Sikhnet, replying to me will not be much hassle.
You do not have to put up this question on the forum, you may just e-mail me back privatly, either way please do reply!

I wish to Know whether or not there are any Gurdware Sahibs in Japan and South Korea. Someone told me there was one in Japan, but did not know of its exact wherabouts.
I would appreciate any information you could offer.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa
Waheguru Ji ki Fathe.

Sat Nam, ji. There is a directory of Gurdwaras around the world on this Sikhnet site. Please see the following for the one listed in Kobe, Japan. There are none listed in Korea, though that doesn't mean there aren't any there, or also elsewhere in Japan. It means that they have not reported their existence and location to Sikhnet. Best wishes in finding connection with Sikhs and with Guru Sahib there.!OpenDocument

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