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Summary of Question:Lost within sikhism
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 4/21/1999 3:52 PM MDT

Hello , Ive been reading through the Forum and I must say that some questions have been bought to light thankful to others insights and experinces.

I could be described as Manmukh , I have not worn a turban for certian reasons mostly being 20th century related and the hidden element of being a Sikh yet something More.
My mother took the amrit and does regular prayer , I am proud of her commitment into Sikhism so strongly.
Tonite I was shocked to see the knowledge she learned put into misuse , is this what they are taught ?
She stated that white people are trash and due to the govern empire of whites taking over India and murdering our great ancestors they are the evil of this earth.
I called her a racist , she slapped one of my siblings to the ground.
She said the guru had made people different and that the castes they where in was because of their past , the "churay" , The muslims are to be blamed for our gurus deaths , but do we condem all muslims now ? people do this our youths constantly make fun of the muslims , and then we get conflict.
I hold the upmost respect for sikhism as it burns a flame in my heart , How Does one explain the ideals of sikhism to one who is meant to know more daily prayer sewa at the gurdwara , I feel like an insect and by explaining what I know of sikhism I was called a White Trash , who should go get a white mother
I am hurt to see sikhs still believing in castes systems especially ones that are respected so the end we still are just human



Sat Nam, Devinder. You have actually answered your own question when you say, "in the end we still are just human." The problem is that we are not all the caliber of "human" that our Guru's taught us to be! As for what the Sikh religion teaches, it does NOT teach to be racist. Guru Nanak in particular was emphatic about seeing God in everyone. And he lived at the very time when there was so much persecution by the Muslims.His teachings of unversality that his Sishyas (students=sikhs) followed became the basis of the Sikh religion. But, unfortunately, as you have noted, people are imperfect, they carry with them negative attitudes and prejudices that they probably got from their parents and their culture. It is sad to discover that one's mother, whom one loves and respects is just a person, with ideas and attitudes that are flawed. Now you have to "grow up" and be able to still love your mother, but choose your own beliefs and attitudes. Thank God you can recognize the horror of prejudice! It won't get

you anywhere to argue with her (as you've seen.) I would just avoid the subject as gracefully as you can, since she is not open to any discussion. This is sad, but not unique inthe world. 30 years ago, a whole generation rebelled against the false, materialistic values of their parents and society, and a new era began. Also, just a note, reciting prayers is valuable, and highly recommended, but just doing it ritualisticly, without applying what is taught in the prayers doesn't bring enlightenment. Taking Amrit is a great blessing, but a person has to practice what Guru taught - and change their way of thinking and speaking and acting! Remember, Guru Nanak said, "Truth is great, but greater still is truthful living." Blessings to you. SP

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Lost within sikhism (04/21/1999)
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