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Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Monday, 2/21/2000 9:59 AM MST

Hi brothers

I am a 27yr old sikh from Coventry, England, I would just like to ask a question on Guru Nanaks Travels in a small town called Hasan Abdal, a small town thirty miles northwest of Rawalpindi wher a muslim pir called A muslim called Wali Kandari lived, mention is made that Wali Kandari threw a great big boulder down
the hill to try and kill the guru over a dispute involving water, however Guru Nanak stopped this boulder from killing him, and today exists a handprint of the Guru, as I have read in a book which is now commemerated by a Gurdwara called
Panja Sahib, does the handprint exist today

Hi Brothers

Just like to know if Guru Nanaks handprint still exists at Panja Sahib ?
If so have you seen it?
Is it kept in a museum?, if not why not?

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