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Summary of Question:How Do I Proceed When I Am Left Behind
Date Posted:Sunday, 3/21/1999 6:53 PM MDT

this is a bit personal and i am not sure if in the first place i am in the right place.

my wife's niece (21) is studying management in cyprus and she will finish bba - machelors of business management with specialisation in marketing this june. i would like her to get on and finish her masters in a good university in usa. the trouble is how do we get her here?
her parents have recently been granted green card based on family petition made in 1986 by her dad's brother, but having crossed 18, she is no more considered a dependant of the family as a result of which her mother, father, one brother 16 are here and she cannot come in.
my lawyers tell me that he can get her in on h-1 visa provided she can find a sponser / employer. is it safe? does anyone has some advise or words of wisdom as i do not want to make a mistake which may affect her future - need yr advise.


It would probably be best to consult a Lawyer.


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How Do I Proceed When I Am Left Behind (03/21/1999)
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