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Summary of Question:Cutting Hair
Date Posted:Thursday, 10/26/2000 3:34 PM MDT

In sikhism, one is not allowed to cut their hair from any part of their body. First question, deals with women keeping hair. Well if women are are not allowed to cut their hair, are they suppose to keep mustaches or beards. If so, it would be not right. Further more, I see the majority of the women 99% have cut their hair especially facial. Are we as getting too concerned about keeping hair. On the other hand I see all these men who have turbans but shave or trim their beards. This is being half truthful. To me this is unacceptable. If you want to do something, then you do it completely. The above deals with the majority of sikhs.Please state your opinion on the cutting of the facial hair of especially women. and also men. If a women goes to a job with facial hair, what will one expect. The job would be denied. Furthermore, if a women does not cut facial hair, the first people to make remarks or make fun of the person are the sikhs themselves. Thankyou very much for replying on this issue. Keep u

p the good work.
You are correct in your thinking. For many people, the reason that they do the "half" observence( trimmed beards & hair), is that they really do not have a total picture of why they are doing the "hair" thing. They learn the form from their family, but they have not really had a deep experience of how their observence is a part of them.

Women should not have facial hair. If she does she has a glandular imbalance that should be corrected. Plucking eyebrows and dark hairs that are natural to a woman can be lightened. A woman must feel a beautiful and confident and graceful nature. If the facial hair is heavy like the beard of the man, then it should be removed for medical reasons and be done with it.

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Cutting Hair (10/26/2000)
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