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Summary of Question:Asking God to grant things for me
Date Posted:Sunday, 8/01/1999 11:13 PM MDT

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa

Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Every night before I go to sleep and every morning after I wake up I always thank Waheguru for everything he has given me. But, I also ask him for a lot of things too. Is it okay to ask him to grant things for me or should I just wait and accept what The Almighty has written as my fate???
Acceptance and Surrender are one of the most benevolent virtues. Asking is not necessarily bad - it is a human's way of communicating with the Protector just like often a child communicates with a parent. But this communication should not just be limited to asking for things, but to express gratitude for His many gifts and bounties that He gives us without asking, and praying for His love and grace for you, for peace on this planet and prosperity of all (sarbat da bhala). Only then will you be worthy and fully appreciative of His manifold blessings.

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Asking God to grant things for me (08/01/1999)
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