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Summary of Question:Premarital issues.
Category:Love & Marriage
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/07/1999 9:03 PM MDT


I would like to ask if Pre-marital sex is permitted in Sikhism. Alot of Gursikhs here have said that until we perform an Anand Karaj then only can the couple be permitted to have sex.
Is it a sin if the couple(gursikh) have already been in this sexual act for some time now(before they asked me), do they both have to take Amrit again? The couple have to wait for 3 years before they can get married.(studies n work)
There is another question asking if holding hands, kissing, etc..are alright.

Thank you.


I would suggest reading the Social and Moral Guidelines for Sikhs as well as the Explanation of Do's and Dont's .

The Anand Karaj weds a couple in the eyes of the Guru and of the Sangat. However much a couple feels they love eachother, or even if they plan to get married, they should not engage in sexual activities before getting married. In the Sikh tradition, abstaining from pre-marital sex does not simply mean abstaining from intercourse. Sex includes the range of activities that two affectionate people might engage in.

Having sex outside of marriage is one of the kurehits which invalidate one's Amrit vows. If the couple feels dedicated to the Khalsa and wishes to receive the Guru's Amrit again, I would recommend they consult elder members of the community who know them well and the people who would serve as the Panj Pyare during the Amrit Sanchar.

Mangala Sadhu Sangeet Singh

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Premarital issues. (07/07/1999)
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