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Summary of Question:Do All Women Have To Wear A Dastaar?
Date Posted:Tuesday, 1/23/2007 12:47 AM MST

Hey! I am 13 yrs old. I'm from Perth, Australia and I am wondering if you could answer my question!

Do all women have to wear a dastaar?

Thankyou very much! Hope to hear from you soon!


(REPLY) Sat Nam. What do you mean, "have to." ??? Wearing a turban is the way of identifying ourselves as Sikhs. Western born women especially feel that since Khalsa knows no gender, if men can have the privilege of crowning themselves with a turban, women should also be able to do so! So, we choose to wear a turban in public. When Guru Gobind Singh gave the Amrit and created the order of the Khalsa, the first gift he gave the Panj Piare was bana: the distinctive way of dressing! SP

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Do All Women Have To Wear A Dastaar? (01/23/2007)
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