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Summary of Question:Is Sikh Allowed To Marry Nirankari?
Date Posted:Wednesday, 3/02/2011 8:08 AM MST

I have a question, i really love this girl, but i came to know she is nirankari , she told me how she is doesnt follow nirankari, she is juss there because of parents as they follow it, Is it fine for me to marry her, cuz i heard sikh had Fight against nirankari in 1978, which restricted sikh from marrying other religion, under akal thakht act. But isnt over religion hate free. she also told me how she ready to leave nirankari completely for me, cuz she doesnt believe in a living guru too.

Sounds like all is fine. She is not a Nirankari as she is moving forward together with you as a Sikh of the Guru. You can both take Amrit together and make your plans to marry. SK

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Is Sikh Allowed To Marry Nirankari? (03/02/2011)
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