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Summary of Question:smoking?
Category:General Sikhism
Date Posted:Wednesday, 7/14/1999 9:06 AM MDT

I am aware that Sikhs are not supposed to smoke because Guru Gobind Ji's horse would not enter a tobbacco field, but is this entirely true? Are there any other reasons why Sikh people shouldn't smoke, religious and non-religious?

The reasons why Sikhs should not smoke are exactly the same reasons why no one should smoke. Smoking is addictive, self-destructive and slowly suicidal. And isn't it wonderful that Guru Gobind Singh ji's horse possessed greater presence of mind than the many millions of people who smoke? The choice for you in this situation is as follows: be as gullible, self-destructive and unfortunate as those who smoke, <or> live at least as intelligently as Guru Gobind Singh's horse.

I myself, at age 55, am technically an orphan because both my parents practiced the wierd habit of smoking over a period of 50 years. They died of the direct consequences. They were both good people(however they were not Sikhs and did not have the benefit of Guru Gobind Singh ji's wise prohibition). On the other hand, neither of my wife's parents have ever been smokers. They are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary on this coming Sunday. They are not Sikhs either, but they have made an intelligent choice about their health and happiness. And the benefit is both theirs and ours.

May you always make the best choices,
Krishna Singh Khalsa

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smoking? (07/14/1999)
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