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Summary of Question:Sikhism And Alcohol Drinking, (2 Replies)
Date Posted:Thursday, 3/25/1999 8:12 PM MDT

Is it OK for a Sikh to consume alcohlic drinks peacefully at his home,without causing any physical or emotional harm to anybody ?

Please clarify.

In my humble opinion, it is up to each Sikh to decide the lifestyle that they want to lead. As Sikhs we have in common a belief in God, Guru, and goodness. There are countless interpretations of Guru's word, and countless people who claim to know truly what Guru teaches us and what God wants for us. Perhaps someone else can offer a quote from SGGS ji that would shed light on this, but maybe you should ask Guru yourself by taking a hukam, or meditate on what is important to you and your motivations behind your actions.
With humble blessings,

My sense is that the reply above leaves more to be said.

What is a Sikh? Is a Sikh someone who has inherited a cultural status and social expectations to identify oneself as a Sikh? Chemically, alcohol is a medium of numbing down the brain, grieving. It is a great tool for denial. Take a long look at the 12 Step programs of former alcoholics who want to stop drinking. They want, and work very hard, to confront their wounds and denial, in order to clean up and be real with life.

Certainly, humanity is very beat up today and billions are wounded and suffering from oppression, self-oppression and self-denial. If anyone who regards him or herself as a Sikh wants to get on the boat of those who are suffering and need help, then by all means sit at home and quietly sip bourbon, beer or wine, get relaxed or drunk, and certainly don't drive or harm anybody else. But are you asking if that is a Sikh? What is a Sikh? We're supposed to be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

A GuruSikh is one who accepts the discipline of the Guru in order to become enlightened like the Guru, to uplift the inner soul into a body, nervous system and mind that is clear, strong, healthy, inspired, courageous, humble, serviceful, intelligent and (eventually) wise. The life of a Sikh will enlighten you to become qualified to assist those billions who are suffering and who have no source (yet) of uplift and enlightenment. The life of alcohol will endarken you. If your destination is North, don't drive South to get there (that will take a really long time, and you may never make it).

I hope these observations may be helpful for you about What is a Sikh? And, do GurSikhs drink alcohol? Guru Nanak said, "Nam Kumareh Nanakah, Cherdii Raheh Dinraat." ("Nanak is intoxicated on the Holy Nam, in which the energy of Grace is continually rising.") It's a much better way to getter "higher."

By the way, the Rehit Maryada of Guru Gobind Singh states that Sikhs should not seek recreation with intoxicants, drugs or alcohol. When asked if he loved the Sikhs, he said, "I love the Rehit. Those who follow it are my Sikhs."

Krishna Singh Khalsa

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Sikhism And Alcohol Drinking, (2 Replies) (03/25/1999)
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