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Summary of Question:Covering Of Heads
Date Posted:Monday, 7/19/1999 7:30 AM MDT

Hello once again. Well, I have another interesting question. Well, sikhs cover their heads with turbans as a respect to keeping their hair and the guru. However, many other religions also follow a similar practice of covering their heads like the Christian pope's, bishops and jewish rabbi's and muslims too. I would like to know how much their beliefs differ from ours? I think this question will help us all on increasing our knowledge of sikhism although it may not be directly related. Any research on your behalf will be greatly appreciated. Thank You,

Kesar Singh

Greetings in the Name of God, the Light of evry soul, and in the Name of Guru, the Life of evry Sikh. Thank you for asking this quesion, this is a very interesting topic. Please forgive the delay in responding to your question. In ancient times, almost all of the worlds' religions taught people to wear turbans. They were worn by the Hebrews and early Christians, they were worn by ancient Chinese, by the Japanese, by the Egyptians and Africans, by the Muslims of the Arab Nations, by the Hindus, Buddists, and by the ancient South Americans. Many religions today still maintain some type of head covering for their priests, but the reasons for wearing a turban have long since been lost to most religions and cultures. So today we see the yarmulke, or veil, or other type of covering for the crown which are the modern day residual practices of the ancient observance of wearing a turban.
The turban is the self-crowning of the individual who sits on the throne of commitment to higher consciousness. Whether a man or a woman, this projective identity conveys royalty, grace, and uniqueness. It is a signal to others that this person lives in the image of their infinity and is dedicated to serving all people.
Technically and scientifically a turban serves to protect our hair and scalp from the elements, and by keeping the crown covered, we automatically enhance our internal thermal controls, so that we remain cooler in the heat of the sun and warmer in colder temperatures. A turban also a puts a pressure on the frontal lobes and helps maintain stability on the crainial plates - and this serves to enhance our mental focuss and the clarity of our thought projections. Thank you for writing. May God and Guru bless you. Humbly yours, Gurumeet Kaur Khalsa

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Covering Of Heads (07/19/1999)
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