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Summary of Question:various verses in the SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB
Date Posted:Wednesday, 8/16/2000 10:15 PM MDT

SatSriAkaal Khalsa ji

I have been wondering for quite some time. We do not believe in the existence of 'heaven' or 'hell'. The Bani by some Muslim saints is in the SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB which talks about heaven and hell. Please put some light on this. Bhagat Kabir,Bhagat Ravidas,Baba Farid etc have their Banis included in the SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB. There are certain verses by these saints which talk about heaven-hell,some are even against women and some talk about other stuff which is contrary to Sikhism. If this is the case then howcome we have only "some" verses of these saints and not the others. I mean to say that we DO have their verses in the SGGS which are similar to teachings of the Gurus but NOT the ones which are contrary. Why is it so? Please do answer my question.

WaheGuru Ji ka Khalsa WaheGuru Ji ki Fateh
Every word the 10 Gurus spoke or sang was not put in SGGS either. The SGGS was compiled for it's effectiveness in helping our consciousness. It was not only meant to convey spiritual concepts, but also to physically affect us. When you read Gurbani the tongue and lips stimulate the 84 meridian points in the mouth and upper palate. It affects you mentally in a direct way, even if you don't understand the meaning. The structure of it is precise, and the Gurus used the banis that fulfilled the need, no matter who spoke them originally.
Just because some of the bhagats said some things we don't agree with, it is no reason to throw out those banis that will uplift us.

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various verses in the SRI GURU GRANTH SAHIB (08/16/2000)
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