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Summary of Question:The 10 Gurus
Category:The Sikh Gurus
Date Posted:Saturday, 5/28/2005 11:03 AM MDT

Hello, I would just like to ask two question regarding the 10 Gurus. I have been reading about the history of the Gurus on a number of websites including this one and on most of the website it says that the gurus were re-incarnations of Guru Nanak Ji. The question I have to ask is if this is actually true and if so why is that Guru Nanak Ji was re born, should he have not been enlightened and so have left the cycle of birth and death to be rejoined with the true creator?

The second question is regarding the succession of the Gurus. From what I have read each successive Guru was nominated be his predecessor, what was it then that made these individuals special from others, did that have any interaction with God, as did Guru Nanak Ji when he disappeared for 3 day. Was there anything distinctive which occurred in the lives on the other 9 Gurus which gave the some kind of divine enlightenment?

Thank you

(REPLY) Sat Nam. It is my understanding that it is not the PERSON of Guru Nanak who "reincarnated" -- but rather the divine light of consciousness that he embodied that he transferred to the next Guru. Each Guru was chosen because of certain outstanding qualities of humility, obedience, compassion etc. that exceeded the "norm" and made them totally surrended to, and able to understand and follow the will of God. Their predecessors recognized this in them, saw their potential and therefore knew that they were fit and equipped to carry Nanak's divine light and shine it without polluting it with their ego. This is my understanding. SP

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