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Summary of Question:Re: Racial Discrimination is an excuse.
Date Posted:Thursday, 7/22/1999 9:04 PM MDT
Waheguru ji ka Khalsa! Waheguru ji ki Fateh! I find Sundeep Singh Shergill's posting very uplifting. Not only does he take a firm stance about maintaining his identity as a Sikh, he also gives examples of some of the 'tests' he has gone through in order to maintain himself as a Sikh.
I would like to encourage others who might read his posting, or this one, and who have found that strength to "Keep Up!" as a Sikh, to write their own story and post it here, too
I hope that those Sikhs who might be going through a period of uncertainty might then find inspiration in stories from those Sikhs who decided to "Keep Up!"

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Re: Racial Discrimination is an excuse. (07/22/1999)
Racial Discrimination is an excuse. (07/20/1999)
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