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Summary of Question:Experiences of Sikh Youth
Date Posted:Monday, 8/09/1999 2:17 PM MDT

I am researching the sikh youth experiences in the Metropolitan Toronto area.

After completeing my research, I plan to present my findings in a story in Punjabi. I feel that most of the Punjabi community does not understand the problems of the sikh youths and therefore is not making any efforts to make any resources available for them. I would like to know your experiences (both positives and negatives. I would like to ask people to send detailed (as much as possible) respnses to me. Any responses from the sikh youths living the Toronto area are particularly helpful. All of your responses will be kept confidential and no one other than me will see them. You do not have to include your name but please include your age, your education, where you live and where you were born. You can e-mail your responses to [email protected] or
mail them to
Kulbir Kaur
Silverthorn Collegiate Institute
291 Mill Rd
Toronto, Ontario
M9P 1N8
Thank you very much.

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Experiences of Sikh Youth (08/09/1999)
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