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Summary of Question:Women In Turbans
Date Posted:Tuesday, 8/30/2005 6:32 AM MDT


I am sikh male who wears a turban at the age of 21. I am replying to the post in which a sikh turbaned female asks what do sikh men think of sikh women in turbans. I appreciate everyone has their own thoughts and views but i personally am more attracted to sikh women wearing turbans. The reason for this attraction is because i love your braveness and courage you carry and also the self respect you have which is far more important to me than any other fashion item. This is really breif, but it is just my thought. I would also like to add that i do not have a fully grown beard and have consumed alcohol in the past so for some of you it may seem strange how a un pure sikh could be attracted to a purer sikh. But now my question to you would be is that are turbaned sikh women attracted to turbaned men who do not grow full beards? and are more westernised?

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Women In Turbans (08/30/2005)
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